Maximise Your Influencer Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Scout Cloud’s predictive influencer marketing technology uses machine learning models to predict impressions of top-performing influencers and match them with campaigns based on their audience’s engagement with related topics.

What is the Problem with Traditional Influencer Marketing?

  • There is too much uncertainty and risk when selecting influencers.
  • They may not reach their intended audience.
  • You don’t have access to accurate historical performance.
  • You don’t understand an influencer’s true reach and what their audience is actually engaging with.

“Maximise your influencer marketing ROI with a data-driven approach using predictive analytics”

Let’s be honest. It was ChatGPT

The Power of Predictive Influencer Marketing!


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How can I get started with predictive influencer marketing?

To get started with predictive influencer marketing, you can reach out to Scout Cloud for a free campaign concept and cost estimate. The team will work with you to understand your business goals and target audience, and then use their predictive analytics platform to identify the best influencers for your campaign.

How does Scout Cloud ensure the accuracy of its predictions?

Scout Cloud uses a combination of machine learning algorithms and human oversight to ensure the accuracy of its predictions. The models are trained on large datasets of historical data, and the team regularly tests and refines the models to improve their accuracy.

How to reduce influencer costs in campaigns?

Predictive analytics can help reduce influencer costs by identifying the most cost-effective influencers for a given campaign. By analyzing an influencer’s past performance and engagement rates, Scout Cloud’s models can accurately predict the impressions and reach of a campaign, allowing brands to optimize their influencer spending.

What are the benefits of predictive analytics in influencer marketing?

Predictive analytics reduce costs by identifying the most cost-effective influencers for a given campaign.

Predictive analytics also allows brands to identify influencers who are actually reaching their followers – the primary reason you are partnering with them.

Predictive analytics by Scout Cloud predict the impressions and reach for future campaigns, allowing brands to optimize their influencer selection strategy.

How does Scout Cloud predict influencer impressions?

Scout Cloud’s machine learning models use historical data to predict an influencer’s future impressions. The models consider various factors such as an influencer’s past engagement rates, audience demographics, and content quality to make accurate predictions.

Can brands use the Scout Cloud App as well?

The current version of the Scout Cloud Mobile app is only available to influencers. Brands can however partner up with us to access our database of influencers and utilise the technology to make data-driven decisions on their next campaigns

Scout Cloud will then host the campaign on our mobile app, where our influencer database then has the opportunity to apply. We then use our prediction technology to choose and partner up with the top-performing influencers. 


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