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What makesOur Influencer Agency Appthe Best in the business?

Scout Cloud influencer app features

What makesOur Influencer Agency Appthe Best in the business?

Scout Cloud influencer app features

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FAQ's onhow to get the app working for you.

I’ve linked my wrong Facebook page and Instagram account, how do I change it?

When you click on Login with Facebook, you’ll see a pop-up that asks you to use facebook.com to sign in. Click Continue and Open in “Facebook”. When Facebook loads, you’ll see a screen that tells you “You’ve previously linked Scout Cloud to Facebook”. Click on Edit Settings, this will allow you to choose different accounts. Please ensure that you choose your Business Instagram account and the Facebook page that it is linked to.

I got an error message after linking my Facebook page and Instagram account, what do I do now?

Click on Login with Facebook. When you get to the screen that tells you “You’ve previously linked Scout Cloud to Facebook, click on Edit settings. Please ensure you choose your Business Instagram account and the Facebook page that it is linked to. Only check one Instagram account and one Facebook page in the process.

Why can’t I apply for an opportunity on the app?

If you don’t have an Instagram business account linked on the Scout app, you won’t be able to apply for an opportunity. First link the Instagram account you want to use for the opportunity and then apply for the opportunity.

Why can’t I unlink my account on the app?

When you apply for an opportunity on the app, the Instagram account you have linked on the app, will be used for the campaign. You won’t be able to unlink this account while the campaign opportunity you applied for is in progress. Please contact us at app@scoutcloud.ai if you really need to unlink your account.

Why didn’t I get a notification from the app about a new opportunity?

If you don’t receive push notifications about new campaign opportunities or the progress of a current one, you’ll have to set the notifications on your phone.
iPhone: Open settings by clicking on the gear icon on your home screen. Click on Notifications and scroll down to see Scout Cloud. Click on this and switch the toggle to Allow Notifications.

I’ve linked two separate accounts on the app, but I can only see one. Why is my second account not showing?

Currently, the Scout Cloud app is only able to handle one connected Instagram business account at a time. In future versions of the app, you’ll be able to connect to more than one account. Please ensure that you choose the Instagram business account and the Facebook page that it is linked to in order to link your account successfully.

The app is stuck on a screen, what do I do?

If the app gets stuck on a screen, try closing and opening the app. If this doesn’t work, delete the app and download it again.

I’ve logged in with Facebook on the app, but I want to log in with a different Facebook profile, how do I do this?
  1. Unlink your linked account in the Scout app.
  2. Open your Facebook app on the web with the profile you signed in.
  3. Click on your profile and navigate to Settings & Privacy, and Settings.
  4. Click on Security and login and navigate to Business integrations
  5. You’ll see Scout Cloud under the Active tab. Click on Remove.
  6. Navigate to the Removed tab, and click on View details.
  7. Click on Send Request
I’ve linked my Instagram Business Account, but my Scout score is 0.

We look at the engagement of your previous posts to calculate your Scout score. If you recently converted your Instagram personal account to a Business account, we don’t have access to your previous posts and can’t calculate your Scout score. But don’t worry, as soon as you make a few posts, we’ll be able to update your Scout score on the app.


FAQ's aboutBecoming an influencerin South Africa

How to become an influencer in South Africa?

You already are. You just didn’t know it. Friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances all report that the #1 most important thing in forming their opinion, is that of a close connection. Your opinion matters and is already shaping that of those around you. Except with Scout Cloud, you can get money for it. Boom! You just got scouted.

How to be a better influencer?

Being a better influencer is all about building your platform to inspire others. Share your expertise with others to change their lives for the better. Build communities that bring people together for a common cause. Whether it’s a product review, lifestyle blog, or Instagram account, find a way to share your knowledge and expertise with others

How to get influencer jobs?

Influencer jobs are an opportunity to make money while making a difference. Brands pay influencers to share their products, promote their events and talk about their brand. You can find influencer jobs by searching for opportunities on the Scout Cloud App. You can also get in touch with brands directly to discuss opportunities.

How to join an influencer agency in South Africa?

To get an influencer agency contract, you first need to get in touch with an influencer marketing agency (that’s us). Once you’ve downloaded the app, AI will get to work and find the right brands for you. Once your campaign is live, you can start to get paid to promote your products.

How to report on influencer campaign results?

Scout Cloud makes it easy to see all of your results in one place – the ones that actually matter. Not just reach and engagement, but actual conversions.

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