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What is The Scout Cloud Influencer Marketing App? 

The Scout Cloud mobile app uses our proprietary AI search engine a.k.a “AIIS” along with advanced Machine Learning models to:

  • Provide influencers and content creators with a Scout Score.
  • This score will be calculated using various metrics and take into consideration post frequency, engagement, impressions and more.
  • Allow influencers and content creators will be able to apply for opportunities and collaborations within the app.
What does the Scout Cloud app mean for Influencers?

The Scout Cloud app is here to disrupt the influencer industry (in a good way). The app supports influencers and content creators with exclusive opportunities to work with top brands and earn cash for doing what you do every day! It also puts the power of information at your fingertips, giving you more insights than ever before and helping you add even more value to brand partners.

What does the Scout Cloud App mean for brands?

The game has already changed. We know because we changed it. No more endless scrolling on insta to find the perfect mom-fluencer for your baby brand. Done are the days of diving into endless “in-market” and “affinity” segmentation spreadsheets to find the exact right fit for your client’s fashion label. Simply select the right Scout with the right Clout (Scout Score), click connect (and stay within budget).

What is AIIS ?

AIIS analyses social media profiles, images, text, interactions, connections and more. The system constructs and matches a digital fingerprint of brands with like-minded influencers and content creators, and voilà. Now you can successfully engage and apply for opportunities and help brands reach people who are truly interested in their offerings.

To established Influencers

Do what you do best but just better with our Scout Cloud influencer marketing app. Amazing opportunities, additional insights & analytics and more.

Everyday Posters. Become Influencers!

Do what you do best but just better with our Scout Cloud App. Amazing opportunities, additional insights & analytics and more.


Find Out How Influential You Really Are.


Better Insights, Faster Reporting and Detailed Analytics


Influencer Benchmarking. Measure your clout and get your Scout Score.


Tips & Insights on how to create better content.


Instant Partnership Applications & Real-Time Feedback with Partners

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Influencer FAQs

How to become an influencer in South Africa?

You already are. You just didn’t know it. Friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances all report that the #1 most important thing in forming their opinion, is that of a close connection. Your opinion matters and is already shaping that of those around you. Except with Scout Cloud, you can get money for it. Boom! You just go scouted.

How to be a better influencer?

Being a better influencer is all about building your platform to inspire others. Share your expertise with others to change their lives for the better. Build communities that bring people together for a common cause. Whether it’s a product review, lifestyle blog, or Instagram account, find a way to share your knowledge and expertise with others

How to get influencer jobs?

Influencer jobs are an opportunity to make money while making a difference. Brands pay influencers to share their products, promote their events and talk about their brand. You can find influencer jobs by searching for opportunities on the Scout Cloud App. You can also get in touch with brands directly to discuss opportunities.

How to join an influencer agency in South Africa?

To get an influencer agency contract, you first need to get in touch with an influencer marketing agency (that’s us). Once you’ve downloaded the app, AI will get to work and find the right brands for you. Once your campaign is live, you can start to get paid to promote your products.

How to report on influencer campaign results?

Scout Cloud makes it easy to see all of your results in one place – the ones that actually matter. Not just reach and engagement, but actual conversions.

How do I find a marketing agency?

Finding the right marketing agency can be a tough task if you’re a first-time brand marketer, but Scout Cloud is here to help. Scout Cloud was founded with the goal of helping the world’s best marketers find their voice, build their brands, and be found online. To do this we have built a sophisticated marketing AI that can understand the nuances of your brand, message, and voice. The right marketing agency can help you to discover what makes you find your audience, build a community, and convert them into customers.

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