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Every brand needs a digital marketing presence. Scout Cloud will plan, execute and manage your brand’s digital presence for you. We will create content that aligns with your brand image, creating awareness, developing your customer relationship and driving your business forward. Scout will write captions, research hashtags and schedule without you having to lift a finger. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop with detailed reports when you need them. 

Discover the power of social media through both organic and paid-for social media strategies with the below services: 

  • Campaign Conceptualization 
  • Content Creation 
  • Scheduling (& Optimised Timing) 
  • Reporting 



Scout Cloud’s predictive influencer marketing technology uses machine learning models to predict impressions of top-performing influencers and match them with campaigns based on their audience’s engagement with related topics.

 Scout Cloud creates killer influencer campaigns for breakfast. Drives revenue for supper and reports detailed analytics for dessert. 

We’ll take care of each step. Get your goldilocks and guaranteed results with the following services: 

  • Talent Sourcing 
  • Talent Relationship Management 
  • Briefing 
  • Content Creation 
  • Reporting 


Paid media and performance marketing is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Scout Cloud will manage, monitor and optimise your paid media while you reap the returns. 

Whether it be the Google Ad network, TikTok ads or the Metaverse, we’ve got your PPC covered from today and into the web 3.0 future. 

We’ll take care of each step: 

  • Keyword Research 
  • Google Ads 
  • Social Media Ads 
  • Audience Segmentation & Targeting 
  • Optimisation & Reporting 

Marketing Plans & Strategies

Click on the below Scout Cloud Marketing services to learn more.


You can achieve real success by ensuring your brand is reaching customers across multiple touch-points. 

Developing a strategy, and plan of attack for getting your brand in front of the right people is what we do. Our team of experts will help you develop from start to finish a full digital marketing strategy, campaign roll out, and implementation plan. 

Get the full package: 

  • Detailed Marketing Plan 
  • Complete Strategy Deck 
  • Budget Recommendation 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Full Execution 
  • Post-Mortem Reporting 

Basic online brochure or sophisticated e-commerce platform? Our analytics and machine learning models will help keep users on your site, and in your funnel. 

Tired of seeing users dropping off before they even click ‘add to basket’? Sick of seeing your bounces bigger than your bank balance? Scout Cloud can help you identify the weak points in your UI and UX journey. 

Keep your sales pipeline pumping with the below services: 

  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Installation 
  • User Journey & Behaviour Analysis 
  • User Experience Optimisation 
  • User Interface Refinement 
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimisation 


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How do I market my business in South Africa?

This is a question asked all the time. The answer is simple: with the right marketing strategy, you can do anything! We have seen brands increase their digital footprint in this country by harnessing the power of the internet. Our aim is to help you grow and increase your sales.

What is a digital marketing agency and how do they help?

A digital marketing agency is a company that specialises in running digital marketing campaigns (see example here) for companies. A digital marketing agency is responsible for generating inbound traffic to a website from search engines, social media sites, and other online channels, and for sending them over to the conversion path. They also help ensure that a company’s digital strategy is on-track. 

How to choose a marketing agency?

Choosing a marketing agency can be challenging, but it’s essential to ensure yours has the resources, experience and capability to achieve your goals. Make sure the agency you choose brings the right people and skills to the table and is the right fit culturally and technically.

Can you advertise with TikTok or run ads on TikTok in South Africa?

Yes, we can! Get in touch with Scout Cloud today to find out how we can help you with your TikTok advertising needs in SOuth Africa.

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