Why Brands Need to Use Influencer Markeing in 2022

There is no doubt that influencer marketing works and works really well. It has been proven again and again and yet there are still brands not incorporating it in their digital marketing strategy. Back in the day ‘influencers” were only seen as celebrities and people with high followers – however that has changed. You now get nano, micro and macro influencers all ranging of different social media followings and niches that are making their statement on the digital world.
What is influencer marketing you ask? It involves brands paying influencers to create and share promotional content for the brand on social media utilizing the influencer’s influence on their audience.
If you aren’t using influencer marketing, you are only negatively affecting your brand – Below are some important reasons to implement influencer marketing in 2022.

1.Build Brand Credibility

An important way that brands can build trust and credibility with their potential customers is through using influencers. Having long-term relationships with influencer/influencers can be very beneficial for your brand. It allows customers to put a “face” to the brand. Having them recommend a brand to their followers will help build audience trust. “71% of marketers rate the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing as better than other marketing sources.” Brands need to focus on more authentic connections with their audience and influencer marketing allows you to do that. Consumers trust influencer marketing over brands marketing.


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2. User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is content that is created by someone else specifically for your brand. It is content that could be created by customers, influencers, employees and brand loyalists. It could be in any form as a video, photo, review or podcast. Seeing someone else use a brand establishes trust and authenticity, it is also great for engaging followers and potential customers. UGC is important in the final stages of the consumer’s journey, where you’re looking to convert a consumer to a customer. UGC is great for brands as it lets influencers create content for them and then simply sponsor the UGC content on social media and let it do all the work. (Be careful of a contingency clause in contracts against re-sharing content). Brands can also repurpose the content and use it in all their digital marketing activities.
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3. Follower growth and engagement

The main role of using influencers in digital marketing is utilizing their following and influence, in a sense, you are paying an influencer for their audience on social media. When an influencer posts about your brand they should persuade their audience to go and look at your brand’s social media page which will result in follower growth. Instagram recently released a new feature that allows two Instagram profiles to collaborate on a post. This feature lets the post appear on both profiles and displays both handles. All the likes, comments and shares appear on the same post, allowing both profiles to engage which doubles your reach.
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4. Unique social media content

Influencers have a different perspective on brands and can give a brand a new and exciting way to display and market their brand. Influencers understand their audience and know what they will engage with. Allowing influencers to create content that appeals to their audience will help make sure that potential customer is paying attention.
Now that you know the importance of influencer marketing and getting the right influencers for your brand, let Scout help you – from choosing the right social media influencers, creating and implementing the strategy and executing the campaign. Grow your brand with Scout, we’ve got you digitally covered!

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