How Predictive Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Brand Achieve Better Results

In this day and age, influencer marketing has become an important part of many brands’ marketing strategies, however, it is severely difficult to accurately predict the success of an influencer campaign. Predictive influencer marketing assists with answering two main questions that marketers and brands struggle to answer;

  1. Will the influencers chosen actually reach their audiences?
  2. Is an influencer’s audience interested in the category of goods they want to promote?

In this blog post, we will provide a detailed overview of the features, value, benefits and overall power of predictive influencer marketing and why you should apply this to your next influencer marketing campaign.


Predictive Influencer Marketing and a Data-driven mindset

Predictive influencer marketing is a data-driven approach that utilises machine learning (with a touch of human intuition) to predict the probability of success for influencer campaigns by analysing influencers’ historical performance and using that to predict their future performances. So, how can scout Cloud predict influencer performance and increase the probability of having successful influencer campaigns?


It Starts With A Large Database Of Growing Influencers

Scout Cloud’s large database consists of different types of influencers all across South Africa. This influencer database is also growing daily due to new users being signed up and vetted via the newly launched Scout Cloud mobile app. The Scout Cloud app also provides us with a wide variety of insights and statistics related to the influencer’s professional and/or creator accounts on Meta social media platforms. These insights, both historical and current, are used to train our machine learning models, which allow us to predict these individuals’ performance for future campaigns.

Machine Learning Predictions

With the use of our machine learning models and other technologies, we then get to work predicting impressions, categorising and scoring influencers based on topics, as well as analysing their audience’s engagement per topic. With all of this information, Scout Cloud can apply a data-driven approach to the selection process when shortlisting influencers for campaigns. Scout Cloud ensures the best-suited influencers are then chosen for each campaign by taking into account;

  • The category of goods and services being promoted.
  • The overall campaign goals and whether or not it is an awareness or conversion-based campaign.
  • Historical and predicted performance metrics for each influencer.

Human Intuition Is Still An Important Factor

While machine learning and data-driven insights are important for the selection process, we also know that there is no substitute for human intuition. Scout Cloud’s marketing experts use machine learning models to ensure that we choose the best-suited influencers for your brand but we do not follow the suggestions blindly. We consider factors such as brand fit, influencer authenticity, and audience demographics to ensure that your campaign is successful.


Stop Wasting your Marketing Budget and Get Your Money’s Worth.

CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, is a widely used metric in marketing that measures the cost of one thousand views or impressions for paid media. With our innovative predictive influencer marketing approach, we help brands achieve the best possible CPM by working with influencers who have a favourable cost-to-impression ratio. Our approach helps maximise the value of your marketing budget, ensuring that your brand gets the most out of every cent spent.


Increase Influencer Campaign Engagements

Another great benefit of Scout Cloud’s predictive influencer technology is its ability to drive increased engagement. Scout Cloud can identify which topics an influencer’s audience is more engaged with. As such, Scout Cloud can match brands with influencers whose audiences resonate with topics correlating with the brand’s goods and services being promotions – ultimately increasing conversions and engagement. This approach ensures that your content is not only relevant but also compelling and encourages the audience to take action and engage with your brand.

Predictive influencer marketing is a game-changer for both brands that are currently implementing influencer marketing and who are looking to start. With Scout Cloud, brands can select well-suited influencers, achieve optimal CPM, increase engagement, and have peace of mind in knowing the influencer campaign will be a success.

Why not give predictive influencer marketing a go? Let us help you take your influencer campaigns to the next level.


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